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Scratch Map Travel Size

A comprehensive range of scratch maps is available in the market to facilitate you according to your travelling requirements. The core reason that lies behind the brilliant initiative of the Scratch Map Travel Edition is to facilitate the wanderers by giving them the ease of keeping track of their route with a simple method. Just scratch the gold top foil layer of the place you have explored and you will find a new, magnificent world beneath the foil layer.

Niche of the Scratch Map Travel Edition

For a traveller, it is very important to maintain a diary or a chronicle of the places when you set off for a journey but it does happen that often it just slips out of your mind or the traveller does not bother keeping a track of his voyages, which results in difficulties as you move on. While if you take the Scratch Map Travel Edition along, you could simply scratch the places you have visited and in a quite simple way you can maintain the history of your travel.

The Scratch Map travel Edition is by far the best and the most appropriate method to mark the number of places you have been through. Besides this usage of the Travel Edition, you can come through more splendid things to work out and fill in, by flipping the scratch map plus, at the back side of the Travel Edition there lies a plain white map which gives you the prospect to make the connive of your travelling route.
In short the Scratch Map Travel Edition the most suitable yet simple method of analyzing your travelling progression.

Why Should You Go for The Scratch Map Travel Edition?

The Innovative and brilliant Intuitive of scratch Map Travel Addition does well with fulfilment of your travelling needs by helping you along your travels. Following are some of its qualities which make it your best companion while traveling.

  • Compact sized
  • Cost effective, which is priced at remarkably reasonable prices
  • Light weight making the Scratch Map Travel Edition easy to carry
  • Top quality map giving you all what you need
  • It serves the globetrotters with the best of its services making you able to construct an outstanding witness of your travels just by scratching it off.
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The Scratch Map USA Edition

As you wish to explore the highways and byways of America, you definitely need something that should keep track of your travels. You have the clear options to maintain the record of your voyage either by a diary or you can take along the Scratch Map USA Edition with which you can mark the place you have visited by simply scratching off the top layer that covers the map from the front.

The striking and beautifully designed Scratch-off map is of much compact size that could easily be carried by you. This map of the United States that looks like a placard is embossed with the printed blue, red and white scratch-able paint which exposes the bright red when it is stroked with the periphery of a coin. Scratch off the new city or state when you visit it to keep a log of those places.

Exploring the Details of the USA Scratch Map

If you need to give presents to your friend who loves to travel across the United States of America, nothing could be more useful as a gift than The Scratch Map USA Edition; it is a great contribution to your friend’s journey making his adventures interesting. No doubt about the fact that North America is filled with tons of exciting places to visit and cool experiences to go through. This specially designed scratch map for the travellers exploring the places of America is equipped with the delicate starts and subtle stripe designs featured by the top foil layer which you can scratch off and mark the places you have covered up. Once you scratch it off, a vivacious story giving you the geographical details is revealed underneath that keeps you updated with the genuine and exceptional records of your travels.

Different Aspects of the Scratch Map USA Edition

When you purchase The Scratch Map USA Edition, following are the traits of the scratch map you must be aware of.

  • It is a customized map of the United States of America
  • On the peak layer you will find a stripes and star foil which is designed for quick scratching.
  • You can reveal the geographical details as you scratch the top layer.
  • One of the most suitable things for a traveller.
  • You will be getting it in a strong durable tube.
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The Scratch Map Travel Edition

The Scratch Maps are specially designed in a way that the globetrotter finds it easy to carry this miniature map with him instead of carrying the large sized globe or the world maps which are quite hard to carry. The success of all the other versions of the scratch map gave an intuitive to design another form of scratch map which is the Scratch Map Travel Edition, having the equal capability to help the travellers. This small sized map is as helpful plus attractive as its predecessors. If you are interested in travelling or any of your friends who loves travelling, Scratch Map travel size, specifically created with the aim of fulfilment accomplishes its tasks very well.

The Facility of Being Compact

The compact and easy to carry map simply gets adjusted in your backpack without covering a large space. The innovative idea of creating the travel size scratch map is extremely helpful for those who spend most of their time in exploring different parts of the world. Likewise the larger versions, the travel size map gives you the opportunity to customize it according to your requirement.

Nothing could be more feasible for a traveller to keep the record of your travel history, than a handy size scratch able map. You can scratch off the top foil layer and the map will get you to know all the geographical details which are hidden under the Scratch Map in a very colourful pattern.

It should be noticeable that despite its size, the scratch map travel edition is all in one package, giving you all what you expect from a perfect companion all the way through your journey. The decision is up to you now, whether you want to carry a large sized scratch map or the handy and useful travel size edition of the scratch map.

Characteristics of the renowned Scratch Map Travel Edition

  • A customized map showing the entire world in your hand
  • The compressed size makes it easy to carry
  • Scratching it off exposes vivid and vibrant coloured countries.
  • Quite feasible for a globe trotter
  • A compact weight of just 112g.
  • An accurate reminder of your travel history.
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The Scratch Map World Poster

The phenomenal range of the scratch maps which you would find in several online stores, are highly acknowledged by those who keeps on travelling. If you are the one who loves to travel, Scratch Map World Poster is the best tool that proves itself as the perfect escort by helping you throughout your expedition. Getting your wall embossed with a colourful yet informative world map seems hold the attention of those who take the Scratch Map World Poster along with them as a helper. You can show off the places that you have travelled on this Scratch Map which serves you by embellishing your wall with its vibrant colours making you feel lively and fresh.

An ideal Scratch able World Map

The top layer of the Scratch Map World Poster is coated with a beautiful and royal gold foil layer which is one of the exciting features of the map adding more to its attractions.

Why is the gold foil layer featured in the Scratch Map World poster?

The amazingly phenomenal quality wall map is covered with a layer of gold foil to give you an exclusive, exceptional and a superficial looking wall poster and then provides you the opportunity to scratch the gold foil layer off from the places which you have visited. As you scratch the layer at the top, you come across a complete new earth beneath that consists of multiple effervescent colours including all the geographical details to assist you throughout your travelling.

Certainly, Scratching off the gold foil unveils another map that is absolutely distinctive, unique and bespoke which opens up a new way to gain all the required geographical information.

Usage of the Scratch Map World Poster

The Scratch Map World Poster could be used in several numbers of ways which includes:

  • You can give the map as a present to your concerned ones for whom travelling is a hobby.
  • It can keep you informed regarding the facts about certain cities and the countries.
  • It can be a fun for all your family.
  • You can personalize the map by scratching off the places where you have been.



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The ultimate gift solution for those that are hard to buy

If you’re looking for unusual gifts for men for those that are hard to buy for take a look at the Scratch Map collection! From serious backpacking globetrotters to people who appreciate beautiful design, a Scratch Map looks fantastic on any wall at home or at work!

The Scratch Map for all gift buying dilemmas

Scratch Map Deluxe EditionWe have all been there; a birthday coming up, father’s day, Christmas and beyond the Scratch Map is a truly individual gift quite literally for any occasion. Here is what the Scratch Map does, take father’s day for example, any father would have a memory of where they have been from when they were a child right up until today, they can sit there at a dining table for hours scratching off the gold top foil layer revealing where they have been as all of the memories come flooding back!

A perfect gift for any occasion

If you know someone that is either a globetrotter or someone that loves Europe, the USA or the UK, there is a Scratch Map designed for all requirements. From family and friends abroad to someone that is about to embark on their travels overseas the Scratch Map is an addictive genuine creation that you can treasure forever whilst proudly displaying how many miles you have racked up during your lifetime.

Scratch Map Travel EditionAn affordable gift, for men and women

Gifts are normally obvious and predictable and as we think you will agree the Scratch Map collection is far from predictable however so affordable without entry level map, the Travel Scratch Map Edition priced will under $20, for under $30 we can ship a Travel Edition Scratch Map to a friend’s door, it could not be any easier and with our secure checkout courtesy of PayPal we consistently offer peace of mind.

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The Scratch Map, the essential gift for the globetrotter

The Scratch Map, The Essential Gift For The Globetrotter

For years, many of the companies are assembling this nominal but highly acknowledged product for the wanderers who possess a high sense of affection for roving. For a traveller, nothing could be more useful than the Scratch Map holding a significant position in their eyes.

Why the Scratch Map Holds Significance for a Traveller?

Scratch Map World MapBasically, a Scratch Map is like a world map which has the top layer of any scratch-able thing that could divulge a new colourful map when it is unveiled. Precisely the rationale of a Scratch Map is to make a distinction between the exposed countries from the unscratched one with the help of colours.

Scratch maps make the peripatetic quite easy for the tourist as he could easily keep track of the countries he has visited quite simply by just scratching the particular country and making it look diverse from the rest of the world on the scratch map. To keep the account of the countries travelled, is of great use as it helps the nomads to review the countries they have visited within a few minutes which not only saves their time but also reduces their efforts which they might go through while remembering or writing the names of those countries which they have visited through.

The Best Endowment for a Traveller

You can give the Scratch Map to any of your friends or any other person who loves to travel. They would definitely be pleased with such a useful thing. Let us tell you how the Scratch Map could help your friend while travelling.

  • The trace of the countries to be visited could easily be reviewed on the Scratch Map by simply scratching off the gold top foil layer.
  • The Scratch Map could be a quick way to keep the track of the places your friend has visited.
  • Scratch Map seems really interesting as compared to the ordinary and typical maps having the same old boring technique.

You can get the accurate, entertaining plus out of ordinary scratch map from our online store as we are equipped with the complete variety of Scratch Maps which you can give to the travelers as a present and please them with this useful yet interesting thing.