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Scratch Map® USA Poster: Our Guide to Route 66 by Car

Scratch Map USA by Luckies

Route 66 is about as iconic as it gets when it comes to America. The food, the fun, the sun and all the unique motels along the way. Pack up your Scratch Map® USA poster, a GPS and all the road trip music you can stuff into a glove box because it’s time for the Scratch Map® USA poster guide to the ultimate Route 66 road trip.


1. Lou Mitchell’s

The first stop on this 8 state tour is in Chicago, which is a large bit of city to uncover on your Scratch Map® USA poster. Just a hop, skip and a jump from the start of Route 66 is Lou Mitchell’s, a restaurant that has become synonymous with Route 66. Thousands of road trippers have stopped here for a bite before heading out onto the open road – it’s the only way to start your road trip.


2. Pops
You’re driving; it’s pretty obvious that you’re going to need a few stops for gas. If you happen to be heading past Arcadia, Oklahoma, you may just have to fill er’ up at Pops. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it, just look for the 66-foot tall soda bottle. It’s both a gas stop and café with hundreds of unique soda flavours to stock up on for the rest of the drive.


3. Cadillac Ranch
West of Amarillo, Texas is a unique piece of Americana, the Cadillac. The Cadillac Ranch is 10 Cadillacs buried nose first into the dirt, and they’ve been brightly drenched in paint and graffiti. Best part? More graffiti is encouraged so after you’re done Instagramming these colourful creations, grab a can and sign your name.


4. Wigwam Motel
It wouldn’t be an ultimate road trip without some unique motels on the way and Wigwam Motel is one of the best. In the slightly run down town of Holbrook, Arizona it’s hard to miss the magnificence of faux tepees that make up this motel. If you’re in need of some shut eye while racing through Arizona, do not miss an opportunity to mark this town off your Scratch Map® USA poster.


5. Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch
For another artistic turn on this road to freedom, Elmer has the answer. Not too far from Barstow, California is an assortment of sculptures made from recycled bottles and other materials. You may even run into Elmer himself who is always working up new additions to his off road art gallery.


6. Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier is a non-negotiable addition to your road adventure. It’s where Route 66 ends and it has everything a tired road tripper needs. Restaurants, amusement parks, a place to sleep and most of all a beach and ocean breeze to relax with after that long drive cross-country.

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The Scratch Map USA Edition

As you wish to explore the highways and byways of America, you definitely need something that should keep track of your travels. You have the clear options to maintain the record of your voyage either by a diary or you can take along the Scratch Map USA Edition with which you can mark the place you have visited by simply scratching off the top layer that covers the map from the front.

The striking and beautifully designed Scratch-off map is of much compact size that could easily be carried by you. This map of the United States that looks like a placard is embossed with the printed blue, red and white scratch-able paint which exposes the bright red when it is stroked with the periphery of a coin. Scratch off the new city or state when you visit it to keep a log of those places.

Exploring the Details of the USA Scratch Map

If you need to give presents to your friend who loves to travel across the United States of America, nothing could be more useful as a gift than The Scratch Map USA Edition; it is a great contribution to your friend’s journey making his adventures interesting. No doubt about the fact that North America is filled with tons of exciting places to visit and cool experiences to go through. This specially designed scratch map for the travellers exploring the places of America is equipped with the delicate starts and subtle stripe designs featured by the top foil layer which you can scratch off and mark the places you have covered up. Once you scratch it off, a vivacious story giving you the geographical details is revealed underneath that keeps you updated with the genuine and exceptional records of your travels.

Different Aspects of the Scratch Map USA Edition

When you purchase The Scratch Map USA Edition, following are the traits of the scratch map you must be aware of.

  • It is a customized map of the United States of America
  • On the peak layer you will find a stripes and star foil which is designed for quick scratching.
  • You can reveal the geographical details as you scratch the top layer.
  • One of the most suitable things for a traveller.
  • You will be getting it in a strong durable tube.