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Top 5 Travel Gifts for Men 2014

Men can be hard to buy for sometimes, and it can be daunting trying to find the perfect gift with all the options out there for different types of guys. The technology enthusiast, the petrol head, the craft beer convert, they all know what they like and often there is just so many options it can be overwhelming and hard to find something unique or special. However if you’re looking for a gift to give an intrepid adventurer, or someone who dreams of seeing the world, we’ve sourced the perfect list of gifts available.

Top travel gifts for men

1. The Scratch Globe

Combining wanderlust and a bit of fun construction, the Scratch Globe comes boxed and ready to create so you can send it to someone abroad or closer to home. 3D TVs are on everyone’s wish lists so why not 3D Scratch Globes!? A great looking addition to anyone’s office bookcase or bedroom shelves.

2. The Deluxe Scratch® Map

A luxury map that can be personalised by the owner to keep a beautiful record of everywhere they’ve ever been. On high quality matt black paper, with gold foil to scratch off and reveal vibrant colours of each country, it looks just as good whether you’ve been to just one country or hundreds!

3. Travelogue

Essentially this is a Scratch Map® condensed into eight pages so it can be taken along for the ride wherever the owner is off to next! Included in the case is a journal to keep notes on interesting places and experiences, as well as pages to plan your journey and itinerary. A great gift for someone about to embark on their gap year, sabbatical or trip of a lifetime.

4. Luckies Memory Box

Top travel giftsHardly anyone is lucky enough to be able to gallivant around the globe without ever stopping, so Memory Box from Luckies is a great present for someone returning from their travels so they have somewhere to store precious mementos from their trip. Ticket stubs, Polaroids, sand collected from far flung tropical islands, beer mats from favourite beach bars, Memory Box is a great way to keep them all safe and ready to reminisce over at any time.

5. Alife Design – Travel Organiser

Keep tickets, currency, passport, hotel booking and boarding card all in one place with this handy and stylish travel companion. Stay organised but still looking cool, it makes a great gift for anyone who travels frequently or might be on the disorganised side! Made from durable gloss PVC in a range of colours, all you have to choose is the colour to suit, from elegant black for the fashion conscious to vibrant red for the extrovert.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Most Unusual Gifts!

From individuals to collectors, unique items can be a good addition to a house, store or anywhere else that needs decoration or a little tweak. It can be a great souvenir or a good gift for people you love. If you have no idea how to find the type of item that fits the definition of unique, this article is for you. Learn more about the different, unique gifts that you can easily buy online.


Definition of Unusual

When it comes to buying the best unusual gifts in the market, you first need to define what unusual means. There are a number of meanings that can be attached to the word. In fact, it can be an atypical item that is one of a kind that it simply grabs attention. In some occasions, these are items that easily become the collector’s items. Due to the intricacy involved in its production some items are not produced in great numbers.
In order to be considered unusual, there has to be that element of rarity. Most of these items are not overproduced. A number of these items are even bought via pre-order basis due to the limited run that companies do with these types of items. Things that are unique may come hard to find. Unusual would also usually mean quirky and one of a kind. Quirky items can tend to be funny and ideal for those people with a great sense of humor. At times, it breaks the conventions set towards an item.

Unusual gifts for men

What is classed As Unusual Gifts

To concretize the idea of unique gifts, it is a good call that you check these items. These following items can easily be classified as unique presents due to their characteristics, quirky design and limited runs. These items can be perfect presents for different occasions as these items never fail to surprise anyone.


The Yolkfish falls under the category of a unique item, primarily because of its construction, it is one of a kind and it definitely is something worth having in your kitchen. This product is not only unique, but also functional. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a fish and what it does is to take away the yolk of the egg. This item is unique to the point that it takes different, unconventional methods just to remove the yolk of the egg completely.

Luggage Label Stickers

What’s unique about the luggage label stickers? These luggage label stickers, unlike any other stickers are vintage designed meant exactly to make the luggage stand out from the rest. If you ever experienced seeing a number of luggage look alike, and have a difficult time telling them apart, the luggage label sticker solves all of this. With 16 designs to choose from, and made of vinyl material, this is a perfect present for any occasion especially to someone who loves to travel.

Scratch Map Deluxe

SCratch Map Deluxe EditionThere is nothing fancy about a map. When it comes to the Scratch Maps though, it is a different story. The concept of a scratch map is to expose geographic locations as you scratch the surface. Useful as a display at home or even in a business setting, the deluxe edition is a much improved version of the Scratch Map that we all know. In fact, this slick and sophisticated item is a great item not only for the traveler but also for those who are looking to design the home.

Dry Wipe Wheelie Bin

Dry Wipe Wheelie Bin is a great concept perfect for those who love to organize their table. Perfect in the office or in a study table, this allows you to keep all your pencils and other things. What makes this item unique is the fact that you can actually draw on the outside of the wheelie bin to customize the way it looks depending on your preference.


The Travelogue is similar to any travel journal, only it is unique. Travelogue contains a number of regional maps that can become handy in a travel experience. With 64 pages, and unique in its overall appearance, this is something that has been made in a unique way.

Why Unusual Gifts are Best For Different Occasions?

One of the biggest worries of individuals is whether or not it will be a perfect fit to any occasion. Just like any other gift, there are items that are perfect for certain occasions. However, due to the fact that the items are unique, not to mention rare, these things make as great gifts for any occasion. Whether it is Father’s Day, Birthday or the Yuletide Season, you do not have to worry that it may disappoint. Due to the rarity, quirky characteristic and the entertainment factor, these items do not fail to surprise people for whatever occasion.

People tend to appreciate those items that have unique characteristics. This is the main reason why it will be a great present to whatever occasion. Could you imagine receiving a Yolkfish? Even for someone who doesn’t cook that much, the fact that it is functional and uncommon makes it a great item.

How to Buy Items Online?

More and more people are now purchasing online. In fact, billions of dollars annually are made by e-commerce sites worldwide. When purchasing items online, not only is this most convenient, this even has the potential to be cheaper considering the lower overhead cost of selling online.

This is the reason why buying online is becoming more of a feasible option. When it comes to your buying spree though, you want to make sure that you are doing things safely. There are a number of instances where their credit card number was stolen due to the lack of security in the website. You want to make sure that the site itself is carrying out their security measures for their customers.

When it comes to your purchase online, you pay for the item directly through your credit card or through PayPal. PayPal was designed in order to protect people who are transacting online. This protects their credit card information that can be vulnerable to identity theft. It is highly suggested that you use PayPal for this provides a safe transaction. You may also want to check the different reviews online. You want to make sure that you get an opinion from those people who already purchased the product.

In order to ensure that you purchase an item according to your expectations, it is always a safe bet that you stick with a site that offers superb customer assistance. The company should have a toll free number or at least an email to accommodate any question or concerns.

Now if you are after saving some cash, you may want to check if there are any coupon codes that you could use. Coupon codes can provide discounts to certain items that you purchase. Also, it is a good call to purchase during times when they are clearing their inventory to make way for new stocks. The online stores will have different set of practice when they go put their items on sale.

Another rule of thumb when you are making your purchase is to check the availability of the product that you want. There are instances when some products are out of stock, especially those that are unique. These unique items don’t come in large numbers. There are some items that have different distributors. If this is the case, it is a good idea that you check for the price and the availability in these areas as well. You will not be disappointed with this considering how much this could make things easier for you. For instance, what if there is a distributor near your location? This means that you will have to shoulder less in terms of shipping.

How to Buy Overseas?

A lot of sites today come with a conversion. For those websites that offer shipping worldwide, they typically ask you where you are located. This way, they could adjust their currency. Though this is a minor concern, if you are on a tight budget, you might want to check for conversion through Google. Google can provide you with the quickest conversion to any currency worldwide.

How to Watch The Cost of What You Are Buying

You also need to assess how much you are going to spend on shipping items. Depending on where you are located, this can differ in terms of shipping charges. You may want to consider multiple items in order to make the most of the shipping fee that you are paying. It is common for e-commerce sites to change a more reasonable shipping when you purchase two or three items at once. It is ideal that you experiment with the site. You may want to try to update the cart every once in a while when you are making your purchase to see if there is a drastic increase in the shipping cost with your purchase. You have to be fully aware of these matters since some items may double in price due to shipping cost.

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How to choose birthday presents for any occasion

It goes without saying that Birthday is one of most significant days in a person’s life. It brings a lot of joy and happiness along with it. When it comes to making this day special for someone, nothing makes it better than a meaningful birthday present.

Everyone loves being pampered on their birthdays with special and unique gifts of love. But sometimes, it becomes very difficult and confusing to choose a right gift. However, choosing birthday presents can be immensely easier provided that you are willing to spend some time and effort for the same. This will help in reflecting the appropriate emotion of love. If you know the interests of the person the gift is meant to, selecting a present becomes much easier.

You should be thoughtful and creative but not pensive while planning a gift for your loved ones. A well thought present that expresses your love and affection in a better way is of course a better gift. Here are some of the tips which can guide you choose more meaningful birthday presents:

Birthday presentsThe thought counts:

You must have heard this phrase. It still holds true. What counts more is the thought. A thoughtfully and carefully selected personal birthday present is always helpful in expressing your love. If you spend a bit of time in visualizing the interests of the birthday boy or girl, you can buy beautiful and indeed meaningful gifts within your budget.

Pre planning works:

If you know that the birthday of someone you are close is nearing, you can try considering the likes and dislikes of that person. Try finding out the things that can bring smiles on their face.
Take time to shop around: Take time to choose the best suited things. Don’t make haste. Make a list of at least five things of your choice before you choose the final one. Remember, it is not always necessary to buy expensive gifts. Price is no object for a person who is special in your life, it’s about the feeling that your gift carries.

If you are not able to find the best suited gifts in the shops down the street, head over to internet. You can find a reasonably large of the websites offering all kinds of gifts. Take time to explore their collections. You will surely be able to find the ones that say it all for you. You can consider a few choices like: fragrances, jewellery, photo albums, chocolates, apparels, watches, gift baskets, bags and wallet etc. If the person loves music, you can consider music CDs, iPod, MP3 players etc.

There is one more very important thing about birthday presents, not merely about birthdays but about any gifting occasions, that you should gift a thing that is useful for the person accepting this present. It hardly makes a person smile when there is no use of a gift.

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How to select cool last minute gifts for men

Sometimes, especially when out in the market to buy gifts for someone, our time management tends to be so bad that we end up seeking the last minute gifts. The online websites and stores are the last resort as they help us to make our sudden and timeless choices. However, buying a last minute gift is not unusual, we do it very often. But, paying attention to a few simple things can make it more impressive in term of selection. It is important that the last minute gift should not give a feel that it has been bought at the last minute. These gifts can be unique or cool gifts that may give a feel that they have been bought thoughtfully.

Last minute gifts for menToday, markets whether online or offline, are flooded with cool gifts and presents. Remember, sometimes when get to see multiple numbers of items of at one, you confuse yourself. Tend to be selective with the choice on such occasions. If you need to buy unique gifts for women, you have a number of choices of last minute gifts. But many times the age group of an individual matters the most. You can find categorized presents in the shop that are nicely arranged according to age groups. It makes things easier. Still, if you can’t think of any cool gifts, it would be appropriate to gift a voucher. It’s obviously one of the most popular gift ideas today.

If you have an idea that you will be coming to the party directly from the office, there is a probability that you have no gift in hand. But you can surprise the person by handing a neatly packaged present. If you do not have sufficient time to shop around for the presents, you can browse any store nearby for personalized cool gifts. The personalized gifts look unique when one adds receiver’s or giver’s photo to it. One can customize the gifts as per the taste and interest of the receiver. Examples of such gifts are photo coasters, photo frames, scrap book, music player, personalized t-shirts etc. Personalized gifts do not take much time; in fact they bring immense happiness and joy to the receiver, making him feel special. Gifts always bring pleasures but you should keep it in mind that your gift should match the interests of the receiver.

Last minute gifts for himHere is a list of gift for girls, to which you can give a though – diaries, jewellery, crafts, romantic novels, subscription to magazines, designer dress, a box of chocolates, portable media player, games, plug and play interactive games.

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Gifts for guys that are hard to buy for

Ever thought of getting your dad, uncle, boyfriend, brother or husband a gift? Looking for gifts for guys that are hard to buy for? Look no further! If you are looking to make a lasting impression, it is a good call that you stick with hard to buy presents. What are the hard to buy presents? These are items that are unique. These are items that you just can’t buy anywhere so easily.

For men who have a particular taste in their gifts, this is a perfect option for them. There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking to give an unusual gift to someone who has a difficult personality. Someone who is hard to please may give you that smile, but you know that they won’t be able to appreciate the gift that much. There are also some instances when the presents are generic to the point that can be mixed with a number of things that he already owns. It is important to reconsider a number of options if you really want to please someone with a present. For someone who has no idea where to find these things, we will provide a number of feasible options where you can get hard to buy gifts.

Online shopping

From the simple to the complicated, there will be items out there that you can easily find online. Forums, Facebook Pages and even blogs can lead you to items that are hard to find. If there are constraints with what stores nearby can offer, we are now living in a globalized society that allows purchases in the simplest way.

Antique Shops

Men love vintage items. If you find yourself in a position where finding vintage items is a tough thing to do, a visit to the nearest antique store can give you a number of cool items. You may have to acquire some bargaining skills though. It is important that you bring in some bargaining skills when you go to these stores considering how some items out there are expensive. The good thing though is that you can haggle for a better price.

DIY Shops

DIY items are popular. In fact, one of the simplest things that you can do is to buy simple items and then try to redecorate them. For instance, mugs can be turned to custom made mugs by having it printed with something unique. This simple tweak can be done at home if you have the right materials. For more ideas regarding how to make use of common items and turn them to unique things, it is a good idea that you do the necessary research first.

Custom Shops

Ever thought of getting him something that is hard to buy? Get it to someone who is offering custom made items. It doesn’t have to be too expensive. Even a custom made wooden box, for example can look unique when you go to the right person. To have an idea what the best item is, try looking at his personality. Is he a quiet type who loves his work? What are his hobbies? After collecting the information, you can contact the right company to do the work for you!

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5 Rules To Follow When Giving Gifts For Men That Have Everything in Life

They say that wants can be infinite, in contrast to the needs. People will just continue to have wants, and therefore you can still give them something despite them already having almost everything. However, people who already have almost everything can be difficult to give a gift to, considering the minimal options that you have. When looking for unusual gifts for men who are difficult to please, simply because they already have everything, you want to stick to a number of rules. These rules will keep you from getting the wrong present.

Price Doesn’t Matter

Always remember that price of the item will be less of an issue if someone you will give a gift to already has a fat wallet. Keeping up with the price will just be an absurd idea. Try to look into the quality of the product you are purchasing than settling with the price of the item.

Gifts for men that are practical

A lot of men who already have everything they can ask for would most likely be pleased to have a practical product. One of the questions that you can always ask is, what is it that he does? Is he always travelling or probably into the arts? You can start from those questions. Even the simplest presents, as long as they have a practical use can please people.

Know The Occasion

The type of present that you want to give should vary depending on the occasion that you are looking at. For instance, are you going to give a gift for his birthday or are you planning to give something for the yule-tide season? These are all considerations that you just can’t scrap. Also, there are different stores that would specialize in such items.

Check Their Personality Type

The type of gift will most likely come from the type of personality that he has. If he is more of a person who has a knack for jokes, why not get him something that can make him laugh. These types of items may or may not have everyday use. It just has to be a reminder to him that you remembered him on that day.

Consider The Unusual Presents

A lot of people do value unusual presents above any other type of present out there. Why is an unusual present a good idea to have? First, it leaves a mark on that person. If you want a distinct present that can be remembered for years to come, why not get a present that has been innovating in a weird way? Secondly, there is a less likely chance that he already has it. Men who already have everything may likely have what you are planning to give him or her.

The downside to giving a present to someone who already has everything is that you have limited choices. There are fewer options considering that they already have most of the things out there. This is where creativity can enter the picture. It is important to have creativity in order to find the right one that he will love. With these things, you can easily pinpoint the right type of present for him.

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Essentials for gifts for men and great gift ideas

Are men predictable? In some respect, they can be predicted if you know a couple of things about them. If you are wondering about the best gift ideas that you can use for your dad, uncle, or any male loved one, then you would want to check these things. We will be discussing the basic essentials that make a great gifts for men.

Work centric Gift gifts for men

A lot of men love to work for more than 10 hours at a time. There are individuals who are just focused on their careers that it becomes a huge chunk of their life. What is their work? Since men work in different careers and field, one safe gift idea that you can get them is a mug. A mug with something interesting printed is a good way to make men cheer up, especially when they are drinking their coffee at the office.

Hobby related Presents

A lot of men have hobbies. Some of them, for instance love sports. When getting them a sports item, why not go the extra mile and find an OEM, or an Original Equipment Manufacturer? This will enable you to request for a custom made equipment for your loved one. Whether it is a simple jersey or a Rashguard, these are some of the things that they can easily tweak according to your requirements.

Entertainment presents

Men love to work so hard that they deserve a good day of rest every once and a while. If you have the money to burn, you can invest on entertainment products. Does your dad love to watch his favourite TV show on the couch? Why not make him more comfortable by giving him a good recliner? What about investing in an internet TV? Knowing the things that they enjoy on their downtime will get you the right gift idea.

Technology based items

Men love technology. They crave to the newest items that involve the latest in technology. When getting them these items, similar to the entertainment products, this can be an expensive option. A Black Friday sale or discount coupons can help a lot when getting someone these types of presents.

Car related present

If there is a common denominator among 98% of the men population all over the world, that would have to be cars. It is a good idea to do something for the car of your male loved one. This is greatly appreciated considering how they appreciate their ride. If they have a nice ride, they will most likely spend more money on it. Any type of present that helps maintain the car or improve its performance will be greatly appreciated.

What you need to make sure when looking for gift ideas for men is to always check what they like doing. Always check how they spend their day. What are the things that they end up searching or using? In fact, you can ask around for people who are close to him to have an idea on what are the things that can work best as a gift idea.

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5 Ideal Gifts for Men That Are Hard to Buy For

Ever thought of getting special men in your life a gift that is hard to buy for? Gifts that are unique can easily be remembered by the one who receives it. What you want to do is to make sure that you purchase presents that will be easily remembered. This is a challenge, especially for those people who think they should make the presents from scratch. These days, there are alternatives that can make things easy. What you need to do is to just go online and buy some products out there that are unique. Here are some of the products that can easily fit the description of unique. However, does it mean that it is just that? In fact, these items are more than just unusual items as people can use them to their day to day activities. Here are some gifts that are hard to buy for.

1. Luggage Labels

Luggage labels

Whenever men travel, one of the most common problems that they face is finding their luggage. When you have a luggage that may look like all the other ones present in the conveyor belt, this can be difficult. This is why the luggage labels become a practical present for them. These are cheap products, but extremely useful. In fact, it can even personalize the aesthetics of the luggage.

2. Gourmet Scratch map

Gifts for Men That Are Hard to Buy For

One of the best products that you can buy as a present is a Scratch Map. A Scratch Map can tell a person where he is. However, what if there is a twist to the Scratch Map? Gourmet Scratch Maps can provide you with all the best foods in Europe. This way, euro tour wouldn’t be that boring. You can easily find the right food for you. It has around 131 recipe suggestions that come packaged in a sturdy cardboard tube.

3. Travelogue

Travelogue travel journal

Men love to travel and most of them face trouble remembering the best parts of their trip. Cameras can help preserve the memories, but if they are after the details, a good Travelogue is necessary. What makes a Travelogue handy these days? Apart from the fact that it is handy and it has enough pages, it also gives a few tips on what you would expect on certain areas.

4. Travel Style Folding Bag

There are men who love to shop outside the country. Shopping in another country can be a good thing, especially if they are after good deals. The problem that they have to face though is the loads of things that they have to bring back. To make things more organized, why not give a gift that can take all these shopping goodies? The travel style folding bag is a perfect item for those who love to shop when traveling. This item can be folded on the way to the location and then be used when bringing home all the shopping items.

5. Travel Style Travel Organizer

Instead of just the usual plastic envelope or sometimes the ugly fanny packs, why not give a travel organizer that is unique? Also meant for men who love to travel, this shiny enamel PVC item can easily be a great item to purchase those who love to go to different places every now and then.

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Top unusual gifts for men of 2014

Unusual gifts for menThroughout the year, how many times do you have to buy presents for men? If you want something that is memorable, why not have something that is unique? Unusual presents can tend to get more attention. This is also a good thing, especially when you want to tickle their funny bones. A lot of the unusual gifts sold in the market today can easily be appreciated by people with a good sense of humour. Aside from the fact that these unusual gifts can tend to be funny, it is also possible for these items to be functional. For those looking to update their list of top unusual gifts for men of 2014, these products can easily give you an idea.

USB Portable Shaver

Men need to stay sharp and neat. Whether a professional or a student, it is imperative to have a look that is always clean. If you have a brother, a father or a significant other who is always on the go, a good gift to present to them is a USB portable shaver. This doesn’t need a plug or any complication. This can be charged to any laptop or PC. Once the battery has been charged, they can use the product anywhere they may be.

Leather Vintage iPad Case

Men need portable devices. An iPad is a must for some men due to work or for other reasons. What makes iPads a hassle is the fact that they can still be products that won’t be able to last without any sort of protection. The good thing with an iPad case is that it can protect the gadget. Other than protecting the gadget, it is also possible to look presentable for cases. One of the top gifts for men of 2014 would have to be the vintage, hipster inspired designs in the market today.

Travel Diaries

TravelogueMen in general love travelling and adventure. In order to guide them for their Asian or Euro tour, why not give a Travelogue which includes mini Scratch Maps? These features can make men geographically aware where they are. With sufficient pages, a presentable appearance, and a scratch map to top it all of, this is a present that can be a good buy for the whole year.

Solar Powered Charger

When you have devices that can easily be drained, it is a good idea to have a charger that can easily power the gadgets. With the solar powered charger, it is possible to power your phone, tablet and other gadgets anywhere you may be. This solar powered charger functions by receiving energy from the solar panels. It then charges the battery of the gadgets.

There are different considerations when choosing unusual gifts. You need to understand that there are a number of options for you to choose from. You may want to look at the occupation, the interest and the lifestyle of the person you are giving a gift to. Since these presents are considered unusual, it may not sit well with everyone. You need to know the person who you give the gift to in order to not make a mistake.

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The ultimate gift solution for those that are hard to buy

If you’re looking for unusual gifts for men for those that are hard to buy for take a look at the Scratch Map collection! From serious backpacking globetrotters to people who appreciate beautiful design, a Scratch Map looks fantastic on any wall at home or at work!

The Scratch Map for all gift buying dilemmas

Scratch Map Deluxe EditionWe have all been there; a birthday coming up, father’s day, Christmas and beyond the Scratch Map is a truly individual gift quite literally for any occasion. Here is what the Scratch Map does, take father’s day for example, any father would have a memory of where they have been from when they were a child right up until today, they can sit there at a dining table for hours scratching off the gold top foil layer revealing where they have been as all of the memories come flooding back!

A perfect gift for any occasion

If you know someone that is either a globetrotter or someone that loves Europe, the USA or the UK, there is a Scratch Map designed for all requirements. From family and friends abroad to someone that is about to embark on their travels overseas the Scratch Map is an addictive genuine creation that you can treasure forever whilst proudly displaying how many miles you have racked up during your lifetime.

Scratch Map Travel EditionAn affordable gift, for men and women

Gifts are normally obvious and predictable and as we think you will agree the Scratch Map collection is far from predictable however so affordable without entry level map, the Travel Scratch Map Edition priced will under $20, for under $30 we can ship a Travel Edition Scratch Map to a friend’s door, it could not be any easier and with our secure checkout courtesy of PayPal we consistently offer peace of mind.